SOS 1-90 autorespond

Let's Habithack!

If Habithacker ruled the world, you'd lose a pound for every creme brulee you snarfed down. And for every book you read in a hammock? You'd lose five. But sadly, I don't make the rules.

I figure the only way to respond is to laugh and get to work. That's why I playfully called this section Sweat Or Starve.

Are you ready for 90 days of SOSing your way to better health? Fill out this form and starting tomorrow we'll start to make gradual, sensible changes.

Why get healthy? So we can live long enough to bring our creative masterpieces to fruition (and look kinda good while we're doing it).

P.S. Privacy Stuff: I'll never give out your email address. I'm asking about Create/Nest to figure out which categories I need to work on.
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